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Melonie Mack

Melonie “Mel” Mack has worked in entertainment in NYC and LA for 18+ years. Mel began teaching 15 years ago and helps actors gain on-camera confidence while finding comedic timing within scripts.


Having studied with some of the best teachers in the business, and worked with top-notch industry leaders, Mel owns and operates Mel Mack Acting Studio (MMAS). MMAS offers on-camera, TV, and film acting classes, ranging from beginning to advanced levels as well as workshops, career coaching, and advice sessions.


As a casting director who sees over 20,000 auditions a year, for House Casting NYC, and Liz and Mel Casting in LA, she knows exactly how to identify the talent’s blind spots and helps them do the same.


Overall, Mel helps actors develop their careers by teaching them the art, science, and business of acting.

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